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Solid Gold

Showing January 18th-April 28, 2007
Written By: Bill Forbes

Well now, ya see, that there Barnes family has played the super lottery real fierce for years, just a hopin’ and a prayin’ to hit pay dirt. They’ve been smack dab at the bottom of the social barrel in East Skunkton for way, way too long. Not any more though, they have hit paydirt with the Solid Gold Lottery and it’s time to fill their boots and live high off the hog. After all, money is the answer to all of lifes problems, ain’t it? So y’all come on over and help them celebrate their newfound wealth -they’ve fixed the barn up real nice for ya’ll.

Chelsea Cusack as Lucille Barnes. She’s been trying hard to get in with Skunkton high society folks for as long as she can remember. All she wants is a little respect and lordie knows you can buy a heap of respect with a handful of solid gold.

Sean Roach as Garth Barnes is the sweet talkin’ galoot that married up with Lucille. He has been working hard keeping the farm afloat (which ain’t that easy in a swamp) and now with the lottery win, he’s thinkin’ it just might be time to take’er easy for a little while: like the rest of his life.

Karen Lizotte as Britanny Marie Joe Jane Twitty grew up with the Barnes boys and she has realized that there’s a thumpin’ in her heart for Billy Rae. If only she could get him to see her as something other than a friend.

Mathieu Benoit as Billy Rae always wanted the best outta life. Stuck in a hick town where the best thing was indoor plumbing he never set his sights too high, until now. The money is just a rollin’ in and like a kid locked in a candy store he’s gonna go at ‘er til his belly aches.

John Belyea as Billy Roy is the sensitive boy in the family. He has made more friends than any of the other Barneses. Only trouble is nearly all those friends have four feet or feathers. There is one person in town he wishes were his special friend though… but that’s a dream money can’t buy.

Cindy Guitard as Ruby Tucker is Lucille’s older sister. She has always been the successful one. Award winning pies and Swamp Queen two years running back in high school. She has made it to the top of the ladder in East Skunkton society by becoming the Mayor. Sure, there isn’t a lot of power right now, but you never know when Skunkton may take off and become the new mega city of New Brunswick.

Mike Belyea as Grampie, is Lucille and Ruby’s Daddy. The ornery old cuss comes to grow on ya, but like lots of things that grow on ya there’s probably some sort of ointment for it.

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