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Rest in Peace, Our Dearest Mildred…Or as most would say: “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! And good riddance!” It’s the peak of the 80’s and the infamous inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, Mildred Harlem, is now among the not-so-dearly departed. Her closest friends, family and employees have gathered to…’pay their respects’. Unfortunately the Salisbury Hill Funeral Home and Day Spa was accidentally double-booked and between the cockroaches and incompetent staff, things are starting off with a stumble.

Albert, Mildred’s jaded if not devoted butler, has had very little time to prepare everything for Mildred’s ‘big day’, and the other staff are hardly a help. Between her French maid Dusty’s whimsical attention span and her tennis coach, Wilson’s air headed ego, Albert is left alone to organize all that she requested. And to top it all off, her lawyer, Derdlim is trying to run the ‘Show’ with a strict itinerary, and her parish priest, Father O’Blurry, has cracked a bottle of wine (and everyone knows that with an Irishman it’s never left at just one).

But in the end, Albert finds himself relieved from Derdlim’s takeover of the event. Whether from fatigue or simply lack of care one thing is for sure. He feels no love loss for the Old Bat, and he’s only sticking around for the same reason they all are. A $50 Million Inheritance! Apart from Derdlim, Mildred was cruel to her employees and greedy as a pig, but maybe they can all leave with some dignity intact and a little something extra for their efforts. But Mr. Reaper, the funeral director is as greedy as Mildred herself and has few schemes up his sleeve and less a than intelligent, yet shockingly obedient assistant Olga to carry out his very demand.

While they all gather together in this Holy place of mourning, will they continue to save face or before the night is through will they all be shouting: Show Me The Money!

Opens Jan 25th, 2014!

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