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 – Co-owner of Rosie’s Roadhouse. Her husband Reg left her a while ago           and she has no idea where he went or why, all she has is a scratchy voicemail message. She is a hard workin’ gal with a tough streak, but lately she has been pretty worried about her man. She loves rockin’ music and her restaurant. It’s  all she’s got.




– Watch out, Reba’s working! A favourite among her regular customers and feared by first timers, Reba is a force to be reckoned with. She is Rosie’s best friend and best employee. She is quick with words and quick to judge, but she has a good heart. She might be rough around the edges but she knows  just who could soften her up…she just can’t admit it…yet.




– Rosie’s sister. She is sweetness and bright, with dreams of the big Nashville lights. She can’t wait til the day where she can change her name to Twyla Shane and get on the CMT Top 40 Countdown. She just has to get out of Norton first. She has stuck around the restaurant for a long time helping her sister out, first out of need, second out of pity. She is growing restless and feels     it is her time to shine.



– A handsome, charming, scheming business man from the big bad town           of Sussex. He is a fast talker and can lay it on real smooth, but there is just something a little off with him…hmm. He wants Rosie’s Roadhouse real bad,  but why? Sales are down and the product is far from great. Can he be trusted?




– Bubba, just Bubba. He is a disaster. Can’t wash a dish, can’t cook and certainly can’t do anything else! He is a real sweetie but that’s about it. He         is extremely loyal to Miss Rosie and that’s why she keeps him around.




– A trucker’s trucker. He is good at 3 things in life, and trucking and drive-thrus are two of them. He likes to think that he has all the right moves with the ladies. He is a good ol’ boy with a real shine for Reba… if only she wasn’t such a raving biatch!




 Fresh off the boat from Mother Russia. He became obsessed with the Wild  West back in his home country by watching re-runs of Gunsmoke and Bonanza. He learned all of his English this way and it shows. He left Russia in search of San Antonio but ended up in Saint Andrews. It wasn’t what he was looking for so  he hitched until he hit Norton. He is happy and doesn’t know any better. He is looking for a good woman.



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