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For generations, teenagers have been sneaking into bars.

But according to Saint John musician Dusty Bayerle, 18, older folks have the wrong idea about why many teens these days try their luck getting into 19-plus establishments.



“There are lots of kids that I know that are in it for nothing more than the music,” said Baylere, 18, a 2017 graduate of Kennebecasis Valley High School.

There are plenty of places where teens can drink alcohol, Baylere said. What many really want is the opportunity to play music and watch their friends in bands… Read more


Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/all-ages-new-brunswick-1.4242237

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Come one come all to aunt Karen’s Christmas party for an unforgettable evening! Have we got a surprise for you. Great uncle Charlie has been building something that will make this the greatest Christmas party ever!! But you’ll have to come see the show to find out what our crazy uncle came up with!

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Rest in Peace, Our Dearest Mildred…Or as most would say: “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead! And good riddance!” It’s the peak of the 80’s and the infamous inventor of the Rubik’s Cube, Mildred Harlem, is now among the not-so-dearly departed. Her closest friends, family and employees have gathered to…’pay their respects’. Unfortunately the Salisbury Hill Funeral Home and Day Spa was accidentally double-booked and between the cockroaches and incompetent staff, things are starting off with a stumble.

Albert, Mildred’s jaded if not devoted butler, has had very little time to prepare everything for Mildred’s ‘big day’, and the other staff are hardly a help. Between her French maid Dusty’s whimsical attention span and her tennis coach, Wilson’s air headed ego, Albert is left alone to organize all that she requested. And to top it all off, her lawyer, Derdlim is trying to run the ‘Show’ with a strict itinerary, and her parish priest, Father O’Blurry, has cracked a bottle of wine (and everyone knows that with an Irishman it’s never left at just one).

But in the end, Albert finds himself relieved from Derdlim’s takeover of the event. Whether from fatigue or simply lack of care one thing is for sure. He feels no love loss for the Old Bat, and he’s only sticking around for the same reason they all are. A $50 Million Inheritance! Apart from Derdlim, Mildred was cruel to her employees and greedy as a pig, but maybe they can all leave with some dignity intact and a little something extra for their efforts. But Mr. Reaper, the funeral director is as greedy as Mildred herself and has few schemes up his sleeve and less a than intelligent, yet shockingly obedient assistant Olga to carry out his very demand.

While they all gather together in this Holy place of mourning, will they continue to save face or before the night is through will they all be shouting: Show Me The Money!

Opens Jan 25th, 2014!

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“Come on people nowSmile on your brotherEverybody get togetherTry to love one another Right now”… we’re headed back for another visit to the Laughing River Commune. The “man” is getting very materialistic so it’s time to shake things up… it’s time for another big protest. We love all our brothers and sisters but we just want to give Mother Nature the gift of harmony, we want to “Give Peace a Chance”

So, it’s time to paint new protest signs, braid some flowers in our hair, dance to the music, slip on our love beads and slip off our clothes! Do your own thing, man; after all, clothing is optional at the Laughing River pond. We are going back to nature! Perhaps “Puff, the magic dragon didn’t live by the sea but frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called” Laughing River?

In order to survive we will have to revive our old “bakery” business and partner with the original love child, Joe. Apparently Joe has joined the Establishment and operates the local supermarket…he even “owns” things…bummer! Warning: our special banana bread may make you tune in, turn on and drop out!!

Don’t be afraid of the man…or the military…they don’t fit in at the Commune, because “you don’t know what we can find, why don’t you come with me little girlon a magic carpet ride , close your eyes now,look inside now, let the sound, take you away “

Alright! – Now dig this baby! “

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We Canadians have a lot to be proud of: we’re polite, we know how to laugh, and we throw a mean party! On the other hand, if someone at the party starts laughing at us instead of with us, well then the gloves come off, bye. Come crack open a cold one with this crazy crew of Canucks as they explore the lighter side of the Great White North. We can take a joke! We are a loyal bunch, us Canadians, we honour our traditions and hockey, one hit wonder bands, beer, figure skating, hosers, moose and the great beaver! We are always sorry even when it isn’t our fault. We love our Canadian music and we will not have our neighbours across the border stealing our superstars (yeah, right, eh?). C’mon down and see how we party – it’ll be the most fun you can have without a canoe or snowshoes.

Featuring rockin’ Canadian Tun

Director: Chelsea Cusack
Script: Mike Allison
Band Director: Sean Roach
Vocal Director: Katie Rogers
Technical Director: Jef McLean
Photographs: Sheri McCarthy
Production: Rhonda Cusack
Producers: D.H. Mills / G. W. John

Music (random oder)

I Will Make You a Believer
One Week
Born to be Wild
American Woman
Nowhere with You
Taking Chances
You Feel the Same Way Too
Mary Mac
Man, I Feel Like a Woman
Just Came Back to Say Goodbye
Could Have Been a Lady
and more….

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 – Co-owner of Rosie’s Roadhouse. Her husband Reg left her a while ago           and she has no idea where he went or why, all she has is a scratchy voicemail message. She is a hard workin’ gal with a tough streak, but lately she has been pretty worried about her man. She loves rockin’ music and her restaurant. It’s  all she’s got.




– Watch out, Reba’s working! A favourite among her regular customers and feared by first timers, Reba is a force to be reckoned with. She is Rosie’s best friend and best employee. She is quick with words and quick to judge, but she has a good heart. She might be rough around the edges but she knows  just who could soften her up…she just can’t admit it…yet.




– Rosie’s sister. She is sweetness and bright, with dreams of the big Nashville lights. She can’t wait til the day where she can change her name to Twyla Shane and get on the CMT Top 40 Countdown. She just has to get out of Norton first. She has stuck around the restaurant for a long time helping her sister out, first out of need, second out of pity. She is growing restless and feels     it is her time to shine.



– A handsome, charming, scheming business man from the big bad town           of Sussex. He is a fast talker and can lay it on real smooth, but there is just something a little off with him…hmm. He wants Rosie’s Roadhouse real bad,  but why? Sales are down and the product is far from great. Can he be trusted?




– Bubba, just Bubba. He is a disaster. Can’t wash a dish, can’t cook and certainly can’t do anything else! He is a real sweetie but that’s about it. He         is extremely loyal to Miss Rosie and that’s why she keeps him around.




– A trucker’s trucker. He is good at 3 things in life, and trucking and drive-thrus are two of them. He likes to think that he has all the right moves with the ladies. He is a good ol’ boy with a real shine for Reba… if only she wasn’t such a raving biatch!




 Fresh off the boat from Mother Russia. He became obsessed with the Wild  West back in his home country by watching re-runs of Gunsmoke and Bonanza. He learned all of his English this way and it shows. He left Russia in search of San Antonio but ended up in Saint Andrews. It wasn’t what he was looking for so  he hitched until he hit Norton. He is happy and doesn’t know any better. He is looking for a good woman.



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Flower Power 2

Showing January 25th-May 3rd
Directed By: Bill Forbes
Music Director: Karen Lizotte
Script: Steven Smith & Bill Forbes
Producers: G.W. John/D.H. Mills
Production: Rhonda Cusack

It’s 1969 and John Lennon and Yoko Ono are in Montreal holding a “Bed-In” for peace; but they aren’t the only ones. Right here in SJ we have a commune of hippies in the same groove.

Some are in it for peace, some for love, and some for a fast buck.

Whatever turns you on,man – free love for everybody, no matter what the cost!


  • Azalea Amarilis Bronx – Marissa Rignanesi
  • Chakra Khann – Cindy Guitard
  • Herb Crotchity- Mike Belyea
  • Juan Sunshine – John Belyea
  • Mary Sunshine – Katie Rogers
  • Boris Smirnoff – Steven Smith
  • Moonjava – Jessica Darrah
  • Chase McMoney – Aaron Kyle

Partial Song List (random order)

  • Woodstock
  • So Happy Together
  • Somebody to Love
  • If you could read my mind
  • Don’t think Twice
  • Born to be Wild
  • The Weight
  • Light my Fire
  • Rock ‘ Roll
  • Piece of my Heart
  • Purple Haze
  • Help from my Friends
  • Bobby McGee
  • Down on the Corner
  • plus an original song by Cast Member Mike Belyea ” Woe Man”

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Solid Gold

Showing January 18th-April 28, 2007
Written By: Bill Forbes

Well now, ya see, that there Barnes family has played the super lottery real fierce for years, just a hopin’ and a prayin’ to hit pay dirt. They’ve been smack dab at the bottom of the social barrel in East Skunkton for way, way too long. Not any more though, they have hit paydirt with the Solid Gold Lottery and it’s time to fill their boots and live high off the hog. After all, money is the answer to all of lifes problems, ain’t it? So y’all come on over and help them celebrate their newfound wealth -they’ve fixed the barn up real nice for ya’ll.

Chelsea Cusack as Lucille Barnes. She’s been trying hard to get in with Skunkton high society folks for as long as she can remember. All she wants is a little respect and lordie knows you can buy a heap of respect with a handful of solid gold.

Sean Roach as Garth Barnes is the sweet talkin’ galoot that married up with Lucille. He has been working hard keeping the farm afloat (which ain’t that easy in a swamp) and now with the lottery win, he’s thinkin’ it just might be time to take’er easy for a little while: like the rest of his life.

Karen Lizotte as Britanny Marie Joe Jane Twitty grew up with the Barnes boys and she has realized that there’s a thumpin’ in her heart for Billy Rae. If only she could get him to see her as something other than a friend.

Mathieu Benoit as Billy Rae always wanted the best outta life. Stuck in a hick town where the best thing was indoor plumbing he never set his sights too high, until now. The money is just a rollin’ in and like a kid locked in a candy store he’s gonna go at ‘er til his belly aches.

John Belyea as Billy Roy is the sensitive boy in the family. He has made more friends than any of the other Barneses. Only trouble is nearly all those friends have four feet or feathers. There is one person in town he wishes were his special friend though… but that’s a dream money can’t buy.

Cindy Guitard as Ruby Tucker is Lucille’s older sister. She has always been the successful one. Award winning pies and Swamp Queen two years running back in high school. She has made it to the top of the ladder in East Skunkton society by becoming the Mayor. Sure, there isn’t a lot of power right now, but you never know when Skunkton may take off and become the new mega city of New Brunswick.

Mike Belyea as Grampie, is Lucille and Ruby’s Daddy. The ornery old cuss comes to grow on ya, but like lots of things that grow on ya there’s probably some sort of ointment for it.

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