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So, do you think you’re going on up to the spirit in the sky or going down, down, down in a burning ring of fire?Forget about the meaning of life, you’ve got the afterlife to worry about! Luckily it isn’t going to depend on something as meaningless as the toss of a coin or the spin of a wheel…or is it? It’s a battle of Team Good vs. Team Evil…with winner takes all. Come on down to Limbo and see who has more soul. We promise you’ll have a devil of a good time that’ll raise your spirits!

Meet the Cast:

DEATH: Tall, dark and boney. Come on, why be scared of Death? It’s just someone doing their job.

ANGEL: A member of the heavenly host who just wants to help you all pass through the pearly gates. Each and every soul she brings in gets her another step closer to that shiny new pair of wings. Karen Lizotte

SANTA,PRINCE OF DARKNESS: When all the other devils were playing devil games, there was one little devil who always got picked last. But there’s always the chance for an underworld underdogto prove himself though, and maybe tonight’s the night. Sean Roach

BRUNHILDA: Queen of the Valkyries. She flies the souls of Viking warriors to Valhalla. So if you are fresh off a dragon headed warrior vessel, step right up. If not, she mixes a mean margarita. Cindy Guitard

HELEANA HAN BASQUET: If you’re the sort of person who likes to frequent sleazy nightclubs you may have caught her act. Like Mae West said: “I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.” Chelsea Cusack

LADY MARIGOLD SNIPE: Guest conductor for many of the world’s greatest orchestras, Lady Marigold knows how a person can have a good time: and does everything in her power to stop that sort of thing. Marissa Rignanesi

ROGER KEITH: When you are the drummer for a famous rock band like Anarchy Leeches you have to keep up appearances. That basically means looking near dead. Roger has unfortunately taken that one step too far. John Belyea

EZEKIEL PINCENEZ: Extraordinary choirmaster, master of the human voice, godlike in his interpretations of musical perfection. If you doubt any of this just ask him. Mike Belyea

CARL & CAROL WEATHERBY: Today was the day they were to begin the rest of their life together…whoops. That’s ok though, because now they have the rest of eternity to consummate the marriage. Michael Caissie & Kristie LaBrecque


  • Spirit in the Sky
  • Another One Bites the Dust
  • Whiter Shade of Pale
  • We are the Champions
  • War
  • Movin’ on Up
  • Bad to the Bone
  • Devil in Disguise
  • Easy Like Sunday Morning
  • Devil With a Blue Dress
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Ballroom Blitz
  • Radar Love
  • and many more…
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