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Originally Shown January 14 – April 2, 2005
Written By: Cyndi Locke

Hairdo at The Phoenix Dinner Theatre in Saint John, NB

Star Search, Contessa Cosmetics and the MAC Agency are looking for a fabulous young lady to win fame, fortune and stardom. They are looking for a SUPERSTAR.
All the contestants are beautiful and talented, but only one will walk away with a record deal.
The judges are ready to see the girls strut their stuff, so what will they have to say?
Will the Contessa, a Royal from the United Kingdom, Barney McShane, owner of the restaurant and big music fan and Malcolm Mac, the record producer and brainstormer extrodinaire be fair to these lovely gals?

The wanna-be starlets will be singing their hearts out to a wide range of tunes, each with their own personal sense of style and competitive spirit.
Who will win the recording contract? You be the judge!
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