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We Canadians have a lot to be proud of: we’re polite, we know how to laugh, and we throw a mean party! On the other hand, if someone at the party starts laughing at us instead of with us, well then the gloves come off, bye. Come crack open a cold one with this crazy crew of Canucks as they explore the lighter side of the Great White North. We can take a joke! We are a loyal bunch, us Canadians, we honour our traditions and hockey, one hit wonder bands, beer, figure skating, hosers, moose and the great beaver! We are always sorry even when it isn’t our fault. We love our Canadian music and we will not have our neighbours across the border stealing our superstars (yeah, right, eh?). C’mon down and see how we party – it’ll be the most fun you can have without a canoe or snowshoes.

Featuring rockin’ Canadian Tun

Director: Chelsea Cusack
Script: Mike Allison
Band Director: Sean Roach
Vocal Director: Katie Rogers
Technical Director: Jef McLean
Photographs: Sheri McCarthy
Production: Rhonda Cusack
Producers: D.H. Mills / G. W. John

Music (random oder)

I Will Make You a Believer
One Week
Born to be Wild
American Woman
Nowhere with You
Taking Chances
You Feel the Same Way Too
Mary Mac
Man, I Feel Like a Woman
Just Came Back to Say Goodbye
Could Have Been a Lady
and more….

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