It's the Holidays folks and you know what that means! All the last minute shopping you can handle! Luckily the Mistletoe Network is always there for you! The Mistletoe Network is your only home shopping network for year-round Christmas shopping and they are busier than ever with the holiday season, bringing you all of your holiday and gift-giving needs!

This year the owner, producer and main host of The Mistletoe Network, Holly Gohardly, has a very important announcement for all her fans and dedicated consumers: There's a bun in the oven and Holly is due to bring new life into our fun-filled season on none other than Christmas Day! Good thing her brother Tyler is around this year to help run the show! Unfortunately, despite how lovable Tyler can be, his heart hasn't made its home in the home shopping network industry and it looks like he may have made a slight error in scheduling the product for the final broadcast. 

So come be our live studio audience and witness the hilarious tension in the room when Holly finds out that Jeremiah and Chauncey (with his assistants Veronica and Vince in tow) both are expecting to broadcast their products to the masses! Join us for The Mistletoe Affair!