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“Come on people nowSmile on your brotherEverybody get togetherTry to love one another Right now”… we’re headed back for another visit to the Laughing River Commune. The “man” is getting very materialistic so it’s time to shake things up… it’s time for another big protest. We love all our brothers and sisters but we just want to give Mother Nature the gift of harmony, we want to “Give Peace a Chance”

So, it’s time to paint new protest signs, braid some flowers in our hair, dance to the music, slip on our love beads and slip off our clothes! Do your own thing, man; after all, clothing is optional at the Laughing River pond. We are going back to nature! Perhaps “Puff, the magic dragon didn’t live by the sea but frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called” Laughing River?

In order to survive we will have to revive our old “bakery” business and partner with the original love child, Joe. Apparently Joe has joined the Establishment and operates the local supermarket…he even “owns” things…bummer! Warning: our special banana bread may make you tune in, turn on and drop out!!

Don’t be afraid of the man…or the military…they don’t fit in at the Commune, because “you don’t know what we can find, why don’t you come with me little girlon a magic carpet ride , close your eyes now,look inside now, let the sound, take you away “

Alright! – Now dig this baby! “

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